Famous Motivational Speaker

Meet famous motivational speaker, an inspirational speaker, a superstar, Brad Benson.

Famous Motivational Speakers - Brad BesnonBefore he was a top motivational speaker who, after winning the most iconic SuperBowl in NY Giants history, retired from professional sports and went on to build a business empire.  
The legendary Bill Parcells coached players to historical heights and as Brad’s coach said you can count on Benson, “He gets the job done.”  And as your keynote speaker Brad will do just that.
So why do you want a top Superbowl winner as your motivational speaker? A better question is; why wouldn’t you hire a champion as a motivational speaker!

Brad’s story is powerful. He combined the skills learned that made him an NFL champion with innovative creativity to build an iconic business. Brad has a lot to teach your audience, things that only Brad Benson can. He will leave your audience inspired, empowered, and motivated.

Brad Benson isn’t only an extreme competitor on the playing field, but he is a Titan in the business world.  As your next keynote speaker, Brad will deliver energy and passion to the audience like no other motivational speaker can. 

Brad Benson is a powerful top motivational speaker and will get your audience fired up like never before!

Brad has the know-how, the experience and the humor to get your audience ready to win. Winning doesn’t happen by accident and no one knows that better than Brad Benson so…Book Brad Now!

Brad has enough trophies, awards, press and accolades to fill a small museum. He has met countless celebrities and had dinner with presidents. Brad has appeared in some of the most iconic NFL photographs of all time.

His team-mates, coaches and friends, make up the most revered NY Giants team of all time: Bill Parcels, Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Bart Oates, Mark Bavaro, Carl Banks and so many others. Brad has become a go to expert for the media in sports and in business. As a motivational business speaker, Brad brings much more to the table than just his Superbowl ring. - Read more about motivational speaker

Brad Benson. Brad as an entrepreneur, built an iconic brand in the automotive space. He turned a small sleepy Hyundai dealership into a global powerhouse!

"Foot-traffic and sales at the dealership were both at a standstill. The dealership wasn’t making any money. So, I called an audible, I went away from the standard automotive playbook, it was risky, but you can’t win without taking risks taking risks. I developed a radio campaign around my larger than life persona. I attached everything and anything in pop culture. If it was news, you heard me ranting about it in my radio commercials.  I created such a stir and got so many people talking about my commercials, sales increased by 500% and my brand became the largest Hyundai dealership brand in the world."-Brad Benson

Brad knows what it takes to make brands and people skyrocket! 

Brad could have never built his iconic brand without combining the on the field life lessons that made him a Superbowl champion, with his skillful innovative business acumen, and as your motivational speaker, he can teach you and your audience that very thing, that thing that make good…great.

Brad would say, "stop waiting and start winning!"
So stop waiting... You need a Famous motivational speaker - Book one of the top motivational speakers here.