Brad Benson's approach to advertising and marketing has been called both "unique" and "controversial." Brad started an industry revolution with his bold moves in business that earned him a reputation as a businessman along with his prominence on the football field. 

Needing to find a way to boost sales at his car dealership, Brad Benson wrote a series of commercials that were aimed at stirring the pot to get the attention of potential customers.

This is what happened the first week they ran:

"'Where'd all the cars go?' We had two weekends back-to-back where we sold so many cars, when the bank came in [to collect on their line of credit after the sales], our lot was vacant," said Benson. "We got calls from executives at Hyundai who said, 'This is not good.' And I said, 'This is real good.'"

Take a listen below at some of these topical gimmicks


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