About this Top Motivational Speaker

Top motivational speaker Brad Benson lives by the mantra, "dare to be different."

The former professional football player with the New York Giants has been doing things differently his entire life.

Top Motivational Speaker Brad BesnonWhere does a former Superbowl winning champion turned businessman turned famous motivational speaker start his career? Benson grew up in Altoona, Pennsylvania with a family of born-athletes. Like him, his three brothers, Todd, Shawn and Troy all went on to play major college football, with Troy also joining him in the ranks of the NFL.

Benson would go on to play college football and wrestle for Penn State, where in 1974 he became the first freshman to play in a varsity football game for the team since World War II. While in State College, Benson played in the Orange, Sugar, Cotton and Gator Bowls and co-captained the Nittany Lions his senior year.

After being drafted by the New England Patriots in 1977, but never suiting up for the team, Benson's hard work on the field paid off in the form of a contract with the New York Giants, with whom he would play for until his retirement following the 1987 season.

Benson earned Pro Bowl and All Madden selections in 1986. His greatest achievement on the gridiron was a victory in Super Bowl XXI when the Giants defeated the Denver Broncos. Benson, a left-tackle and one of the anchors of the offensive line, famously carried Hall of Fame Coach Bill Parcells on his shoulders off the field in celebration.

"You don't ever have to worry about Brad Benson or guys like him. They're getting it done."
- Bill Parcells, Pro Football Hall of Fame

Brad was known as Band-Aid Benson since his bloody nose on the football field became a badge of honor that followed him for most of his career. Brad's blue-collar attitude and sheer grit earned him a reputation as the guy to get it done. But following retirement from football he faced the question that most athletes must ponder: What next?

Next began with cars. Brad knew how to win, he's a true competitor and he tool that competitive spirit into one of the most aggressive industries on the planet!

Benson became owner of Brad Benson Auto Group in South Brunswick, New Jersey where he transformed a fledgling Hyundai/Mitsubishi dealership into the largest of its kind in the world. Monthly sales went from 40 cars per month to 700. - How? By being different:

Benson created hundreds of what are now considered to be iconic radio commercials, which differentiated his dealership and created a cult like following for his brand, no small feat in an industry where differentiation is often impossible. Brad went where no car dealer had gone before and carved out an advertising niche full of irreverent humor and gritty bravado that made people flock to his dealership.

Today, Benson is a famous motivational speaker, a top inspirational speaker where he loves to his life lessons in football and the experience of transforming his self-owned business to show others how they can strategically accelerate their growth potential, achieve new heights, overcome adversity and win against overwhelming odds.

Benson also owns Rainbow Run Farm, a premier 350-acre cutting horse facility in Hillsborough New Jersey, near his home where he, his wife and three children reside. He is a cancer survivor and has overcome great physical limitations to achieve what others said could not be done. Brad Ben son is a survivor, a winner and one of the top motivational speakers in the area. - Hire Brad here.